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reflections of gratitude from the community

I am humbled by the feedback I have received from my patients, students, and fellow adventurers; and I am honored to serve others through yoga and acupuncture—two life-changing tools of health and happiness. To see this vitality ripple out into the world to create a greater depth of understanding, compassion, and wellness is what inspires me to continue sharing these gifts with my community.


“Every time I leave Heather’s treatment table, I think, ‘This is what’s lacking in Western medicine – a focus on healing the whole person.’ Heather understands the delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit; and she takes the time to assess each piece in this vital trinity to determine the best course of action for every patient. Not only is Heather confident and competent in her practice of Chinese medicine, but she also truly embodies the healing journey, and this feeling is palpable from the time you walk through her door to the time you float away.”
– Jennifer Q.

“I started seeing Heather for acupuncture after getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  I really feel my recovery from surgery was improved, and treatments helped minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.  Heather is not only a skilled practitioner but also a warm and caring human being.  Thanks for everything, Heather – you have a client for life!”
– Jane A.

“When I first came to see Heather I was not exactly sure how I was going to manage the allergies that altered my life, as well as the physical ailments I was still dealing with. Her acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions have helped me maintain a day-to-day wellness … a game changer. ”
– Sam B.

“I initially came to Heather Fenwick for acupuncture treatment because I felt vaguely out of balance, tired, and distracted. It was difficult for me to articulate what I felt was wrong, but Heather’s unique sensitivity and intuitive communication style helped me to better understand myself and my needs. Heather’s treatment style is authentic and focused. She listens to her patients and treats the whole patient with knowledge, intuition, and compassion. I leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and lightness. I feel better during the days and sleep better at night. It is for these reasons and many others that I can recommend Heather without hesitation.”
– Casey Q.


“So you want to go to India? If you want an adventurous rickshaw ride through crowded Indian streets, an experience on the Indian railway system, a Hindu festival with thirty musicians and three ornately dressed elephants, three beautiful ladies dancing in traditional Indian makeup and costumes, a pilgrimage to one of the largest Hindu temples in India, a cup of chai in a seedy hotel dining room, and an ancient snake ceremony never before seen by Westerners, then let Heather be your guide on a journey through the Motherland … we did all these activities in one day.  Imagine two weeks.”
– Mike P.

My India trip was truly amazing, from start to finish. I’ve never had an easier or more enriching travel experience than I had with Heather. My travels usually entail several frustrated hours, or even days, spent trying to figure out where to stay, what to eat, how to get from place to place, what to do, who to talk to, how to get money from an ATM…you get the picture. This trip was just the opposite. Heather had everything so well organized that I really didn’t have to think much beyond, Do I want gentle yoga or hard yoga tonight? or Should I really have another chai today? Before this trip, I’d always shuddered at the thought of taking an organized tour while traveling, but this was 110% worth it, and I’d recommend Heather’s trip to anybody wanting to experience the true heart and soul of India.”
– Jen S.


“I began practicing yoga in 2008, right around the time Heather began teaching at Pilgrimage of the Heart, and having taken classes with many other teachers over those nine years, I can say with full confidence that she is among the very best. Her vinyasa sequences combine grace with physical challenge … I’ve gone on two of her yoga retreats that were sublime in the way she combined mindfulness, effort and ease with a schedule that alternated between stimulating classes and serene meditation. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who is thinking about trying or improving their yoga.”
– Marivi S.

If anyone is looking for a beautiful, energizing yoga retreat, this is it! Gourmet vegan meals created by a local San Pancho couple (seriously on point, better than resort food), amazing yoga instructors, acupuncture, paddle boarding, kayaking, practically private bentonite clay beach, hiking, airport transportation included, fantastic eco lodging at the amazing Tailwind Jungle Lodge! My accommodations included a beautiful outdoor shower and a loft with amazing jungle views!”
– Sam B.


“I have spent the last 2 years since leaving San Diego looking for a yoga teacher as capable, nurturing, encouraging, and experienced as Heather Fenwick. Her classes always seem to have the perfect balance between effort and ease to help soften the mind and body into that sweet spot of harmonious alignment. As one of my most influential gurus, Heather guided me to the deeper understanding that the asana practice is merely a stepping stone to true yoga– the union between mind, body, and spirit linked by breath. Through her thoughtful anecdotes, resonant yogic philosophy teachings, and creative-yet-challenging sequences that flow synchronistically with the seasons from an Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine perspective, each class fed my soul the nourishment I needed to strengthen not only my physical body, but also my intuition and willpower. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your light and wisdom so that I could expand.”
– Rachel N.
No matter what kind of day I’ve had or am facing, after leaving Heather’s class, I feel like I can conquer any of life’s challenges. Heather’s wealth of knowledge and diverse experience allow me to find the balance between effort and ease on and off the mat.”
– Jen M
When my knees began to ache a couple years ago, I scheduled a personal consultation with Heather Fenwick. Heather arrived fully prepared with specific questions and appropriate exercises. I left our session with a six-point plan for easing my knee pains. A couple of years on, I’m back in the dance studio, and still bicycling to and from weekend coffee dates.”
– Matthew H
“Heather is genuine, fun, incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful in her yoga teaching. She has helped me advance my practice with gentle reminders and cues to keep my toes spread and aligned and all kinds of other tiny observations that both keep me present and keep me on a path towards improvement. Heather’s classes are equally energizing and soothing. I’m also a fan of her storytelling and allegories to help connect mind + body + spirit.”
– Elle M.
“Heather embodies the essence of yoga. She is so beautifully present and humble in her teaching. Her style is authentic, intuitive, and flowing; she is filled with tons of ancient yogic wisdom and communicates this to her class with such poise.  She is an amazing teacher on every level. I immerse deeper into my body, mind and soul connection each time I practice with Heather as my guide!”
– Denise R.
Heather grounded her suggestions in a comprehensive understanding of straightforward traditional “Western” anatomy and physiology. Nonetheless, her expertise in Indian yogic traditions and her license in traditional Oriental medicine clearly informed her recommendations.”
– Hattie H.
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