Pandemic time OFFERINGS

keeping you healthy | keeping you safe


at my (new) office

to keep you safe:

  • I am fully vaccinated!
  • masks must be worn at all times
  • door to the outside is frequently opened, so that fresh air can circulate
  • fans for circulation & high quality HEPA filters
  • extra time between patients to allow for settling particulates
  • all touch surfaces are sanitized between patients
  • all sheets are treated by a medical linen service
  • anyone experiencing symptoms should stay home



Pricing ::

  • $150 for a new patient (extensive intake prior to in-person appointment)
  • $85-95 for a follow up appointment (shorter intakes)


at your home (outdoor space)
  • house calls to outdoor spaces now available for face-up treatments, which effectively treat:
    • pain
    • energy
    • anxiety / mood
    • sleep
    • digestion
    • and “the ten thousand things”
  • included in the service: zero-gravity comfort chair, space blanket to keep you warm, music, aromatherapy
  • if you have a massage table, face-down treatments are possible
  • masks are worn by both parties, but may be removed for a portion of the treatment while you are resting


  • $275 for initial treatment
  • $225 for follow ups



via video call or outdoor space (individual or group)
  • yoga in your living room, back yard, or park tailored to you: your energy level, injuries, physical limitations, and preferences.
  • 30 minutes : $75
  • 60 minutes : $120


Guided Meditations

via video call (individual or group)
  • Meditation is a tool to help us cope with anxiety & frustration (no shortage of those emotions lately!) of our daily lives. While meditations are tailored to individual situations, starting with self-compassion is usually a great first step.
  • suggested donation $75 : 30 minutes, but I happily offer this service at no cost, just ask for the      #ReallyNeedThis Discount

At-home Work Station Ergonomic Assessment

& customized short stretch video
  • Simply take a picture of your work station, and we implement solutions, so that your physical body is in proper alignment, preventing future musculoskeletal imbalance.
  • Be smart & informed about what gear you need to purchase, or what minor tweaks will help your body be pain-free.
  • Also included is a short customized video. You can take a 5-15 minute stretch break right in your chair. If you do this every day, you’ll have almost two hours of guided stretching per month!
  • Pricing: $75