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Recovering Gypsy

take your practice off the mat and into the world …

dive into the spiritual mayhem of India or immerse yourself in the majestic trees and mountains of Idyllwild

A yoga retreat with Heather will nourish your body, heart, and soul. You will return home with a renewed sense of vitality, a greater sense of inner peace, and perhaps even a fresh perspective on life.

take a sacred journey to the source
OCTOBER 12 – 26, 2018

The deeper we dig into the practice of yoga, the more we begin to accept inconvenience and understand that we can transform our suffering into learned lessons. Eventually this gentle wisdom that guides us through our day with kindness and patience ripples out from our own hearts and into our everyday. There is nowhere in the world where this philosophy is more vibrantly illuminated than in India.

India Highlights:

  • Immerse yourself into traditional yoga ashram life, nestled in the jungle of South India
  • Relax into the moment with an authentic Ayurvedic massage in the venerable birthplace of India’s Holistic Medicine
  • Unwind on a houseboat in the renowned, languid backwaters of Kerala
  • Experience Mumbai, where history meets modern day in a charming flurry of sights, sounds, and flavors
  • Venture off the beaten path to a local village to exchange warmth, smiles, and curiosity with some of the kindest hearts on the planet
  • Nourish your body and soul with daily yoga and meditation guided by veteran yogini Heather Fenwick

Maybe it’s the gentle grace of nature, the transformative power of yoga and meditation, or both. But sometimes a brief, simple weekend away can have a long-lasting and profound impact on our well-being. When we set aside this sacred time of stillness, we’re giving ourselves permission to power down and recharge the parts of our bodies and spirits that need it most.

Idyllwild Highlights:

  • Envelop yourself in the quiet serenity of the mountains
  • Replenish your body, mind, and soul with yoga, meditation, and qi gong
  • Revel in the time and space you need to journey inward
  • Connect with a community of like minds to bring consciousness and light into the world we share
unplug to reconnect
APRIL 20 – 22, 2018


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